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Blood Father

They left him no choice..
Blood Father
An ex-con reunites with his estranged wayward 16-year old daughter to protect her from drug dealers who are trying to kill her.
Title Blood Father
Release Date 2016-08-11
Genres Action Thriller Drama
Production Companies Wild Bunch, Why Not Productions
Production Countries France


_Blood Father_ doesn't bring anything particularly original to the table, but in spite of this, the oft maligned Mel Gibson shines in this small grindhouse throwback that I honestly had a really good time with. But _Blood Father_ is an awful title. _Final rating:★★★ - I personally recommend you give it a go._
**An ex-con back on his feet for his daughter!** I did not find this French film any special. This is an English language film, because they have targeted the American market. Many similar Hollywood flicks were already made, so it is just a different actors and the locations. But the actings were good and some of the scenes were nicely composed. This is a book based film about an ex- con, when he comes to know his daughter is in a real trouble, he does everything he can to protect her. So it is like a running and chasing kind of theme, but how they come out it is the remaining film. Mel Gibson was great. I felt like I haven't seen him for ages, I mean this kind of performance gives the impression that he's back. Though the film was not that great, for an entertainment it will do okay. It is a short film than usual action-thrillers. So you won't have trouble in pace, no proper developments, like the characters or the story, it only moves forward so quickly. I think the end was good, only if they are not planning for a sequel. But that part was not clear, so there's no surprise if they make another film. I say watch it for Gibson and for entertainment. _6/10_
Per Gunnar Jonsson
Classic story with good guy (well, good might be stretching it), in this case the father, trying to save chick from the bad guys. The bad guys are of course totally dislikeable murderous thugs with a distinctly below average intelligence. Mel Gibson plays the role of ex-con, caring father and kick-ass protector of his daughter quite well. He pretty much makes this movie which is a roller-coaster action ride. As with most of this type of action flicks the story and script is fairly mediocre. His old and not very trustworthy friend for example was not really adding any value and his actions was soooo predictable. The thugs, although certainly projecting the required amount of “despicable bad-guy-ness”, were really nothing more than that. Stupid, stupid and more stupid. How they even manage to track John and Lydia down all the time is really beyond me. With that said it was a enjoyable movie. The one were you just relax in the sofa, watch the scenery and arses being kicked. The stuff that Mel Gibson is really good at.

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